Second Chances…..

People often say that life is all about second chances. It is said that everyone deserves a second chance. But according to me, that’s not true. Not everyone deserves a second chance; not everyone is worthy of it. It’s true that second chances are a blessing, but, to be very honest, not each and every person deserves that blessing.

In this world, some people are good, and some are bad. Some people actually do deserve a second chance. But we ourselves need to realize who deserves it and who doesn’t. When you give a second chance to a person who doesn’t actually deserve it, it’s like you give that person an authority to use you to their advantage. You need to realize your self worth, and you also need to realize who all deserve your feelings, emotions, and time.

You are a beautiful person. It doesn’t matter what people think of you. Don’t let people take you for granted, and do not give second chances to the people who do take you for granted. Not all the people deserve everything that you have to offer.